• Blue Kiosk

    Blue Kiosk

    1982 - 2003

    Everything started with small blue kiosk on the walking trail of peninsula Rat in Cavtat. Opened 1982, made a pause in the time of the war, and reopened after it. Delicious toast and cold drinks were what you could have had there.

  • Bar MS

    Trgovina "MS"

    2004 - 2014

    In the year of 2004. we decided to move below the road and build a bar on Italian bunker from WW2. We started to sell crisps, soft alcoholic drinks and even cooler beer. We were renting sunbeds and umbrellas since we got the concession on Kamen Mali beach.

  • Beach Bar Little Star

    2015 - present

    Beach Bar Little Star

    Ten years after we build the bar, we decided to renew it. We disassembled the old bar and build a new one from scratch. Bigger and more colorful beach bar named "Little Star" (given because of love - Zita) offers you cocktails, spirits, wines, sandwiches, chillout music and awesome stuff.